why do we consistently work on pre-order?

Our demand for quality and slow fashion allows us to work like a tailor many years ago. We see orders not only as mass production, but as a valuable order from our customers to us and as a high responsibility of all of us to nature.
Our materials are made of high quality and the work processes are precise and at the same time elaborate. We do not want to waste nature's resources and the manpower of our employees unnecessarily and sell them at the end of each season far below their value.

Your advantages of the PACABAMBA Pre-Order concept at a glance:

1. an exclusive product at a fair price
2. special sizes can be realized on request
3. a guaranteed delivery date (depending on existing political situations)
4. you directly support a 100% sustainable project
5. with your order you change an entire industry in the long run

How does our Pre-Order work? – From order to home:

1. order our limited stock online
2. pay by favorite payment method
3. we produce your product exclusively for you within 12 weeks
4. quality check and packaging
5. sending all your orders at one key date to Germany. The key date you will find in the single product pages.
6. delivering from our distribution company in Germany to your home

The key date for delivery, the costs and terms of shipping to your country can be found under "Shipping" or directly on the product page.