pacabamba who we arePACABAMBA is the unexpected end of a long journey and the beginning of a new adventure. Two years we cruised through South America with our three children and our camper. The goal was neither a place nor a route, just a lifestyle far from turbo capitalism and consumerism. Also we wanted more time for us, our family, instead of wasting time on things that are not important to us. We actually wanted to go back. To or close to the Alps, which had previously been our home for seven years.

But again the mountains seemed to magically attract us. And that’s why we stayed. In the Andes of Peru, in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, not far from Cusco.

Here we have found what we could never have looked for. The inspiration, the friends, the traditional handcraft, the raw materials, the expertise and the enthusiasm for PACABAMBA. For products made from baby alpaca wool, in which an ancient Andean heritage of weaving and dyeing lives on and whose environmental compatibility is forward-looking at the same time.

PACABAMBA – a family company

Thanks to our great expertise in fast fashion and our great passion for slow fashion, our idea and our desire to produce absolutely exemplary clothing soon became more real. Especially because it fell on the perfect breeding ground here in Peru.
Meanwhile, PACABAMBA is a company of a young family from Germany, many families in Peru and many friends who belong to our family. We all share the conviction of working on something good and of course on the quality we have achieved with it.

What we stand for

Sustainability is common sense for us. Just like maximizing profits is for some others. But we believe that our conviction proves more foresight. With PACABAMBA we want to express everything that defines how we treat our environment and our fellow human beings: the respect they deserve, more than ever.