Kids Hat + Loop – CHERRY


Incredibly fluffy and cozy! 100% Natur!



  • 100% Baby Alpaca Wool
  • 100% Natural Dyed with Cochineal*

* Due to the natural dyeing, color variations may be possible. 
The natural color can slightly change if the product gets in contact with sun, salt or chemical substances (like deodorant or similar).


  • Oeko-tex 100-Standard 100. 12.hpe.10688


  • It is better to ventilate once more than to wash
  • Handwarm wash is best. In the wool wash cycle of a washing machine is possible up to 30 ° wash.
  • Exclusively wool detergent 
  • Dry lying down to avoid deformation
  • Never put in the tumble dryer - unless you want to felt on purpose.


  • 2–5 Jahre (b= 23 cm, h= 24 cm)
  • 6–12 Jahre (b= 26 cm, h= 24 cm)

    Alpaca or baby alpaca wool can clearly do more than any synthetic material. No wonder it has been used as a well proven raw material for clothing in the Andes for thousands of years. 

    • ultra light (weighs one third of sheep’s wool)
    • keeps you extremely warm
    • but aswell cooling effect
    • does not scratch or smell (hypoallergenic )
    • does not contain lanolin
    • durable
    • water repellent
    • incredible soft  
    • non-flammable
    • pillproof

    At altitudes of over 3,000 meters, the animals develop a fur with a unique hollow fiber, which is significantly warmer and lighter than, for example, the fiber of sheep's wool. For the Incas, alpaca fleece had a higher value than gold and silver. No wonder it is also called "fiber of the gods".

    Small hooves, small footprint. Alpacas are not kept in huge herds, which graze whole areas of land. Quite the opposite. Mostly, they are bred by smallholders in the high situated regions of Peru. This kind of keeping hardly represents a burden on the environment. As a 100% natural raw material, alpaca is of course also completely biodegradable

    Easy care - self-cleaning

    The extremely dirt- and odor-repellent fiber does not need any special care. Alpaca textiles should be washed by hand in cold water with natural soap and laid flat to dry in fresh air

    The world is changing. 

    People's relationship to food, fashion and consumption is becoming more conscious. But change also means transformation and renewal.

    In the world of business, this signifies that brands need to move closer to people's needs and opportunities. To have an open ear and  understanding of the changing circumstances of others. Genuine solidarity and empathy come before self-interest, exploitation and profit greed.

    Platitudes and promises must become real. Not only in the reality of a few privileged elites, but also for the majority of people. Everyone has the right to be able to live sustainably. Everyone can and must be part of a new, changing world. A movement is an only as much strength as the concentrated thrust of its mass.



    With our own standard of OpenSource Fashion, we create the opportunity for everyone to choose true sustainability in fashion.

    In terms of prices, quality and with a clear conscience. But OpenSource Fashion also means transparency in all production processes and a disclosure of a fair pricing policy and margins.

    We let everyone be part of the PACABAMBA brand, so that everyone feels that our products are more than just clothes. They are stories of hope and visions from all people involved and a chance for us to make their lives visible to the world.


    One product. Many processes. 100% fair prices.

    Sustainable clothes don’t have to be expensive, because fair trade doesn't end with the production of clothing. It sets the point with responsible pricing for consumers. We are restoring, the word "fair" and want to consciously initiate a debate about profit margins in the sustainable fashion industry.

    We believe that through responsible pricing, the market can consequently be opened up to more people. This benefits everyone. The environment, the producers and also the consumers.


    When you purchase a PACABAMBA product, OpenSource Fashion distributes your investment as following:


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