Natural Dyeing

The Andes are filled with a great diversity of plant life.

We from PACABAMBA are using the complex process of natural dyeing to color our alpaca fiber. The fiber is dyed by artisans, using recipes that have been passed down through many generations. 

These pictures were taken when we first met Lucia and her family. She picked “Quolle” flowers from a low tree.

With a glow on her face she told us that we are now dyeing a beautiful yellow with it. She raved about the scent of the flower and the resulting smell of the wool products. It's like a perfume to her. 

Our yarn is boiled for varying periods of time depending on the dyestuff used, the quantity of yarn to be dyed, and the desired color. Often fixatives such as mineral salts or urine are necessary to create color fastness, alter hues, or intensify color saturation.

Lucia and her husband Walter are so proud of their handicraft 💛

After the yarns have dried, they are re-spun, plied, and wound into cones of yarn, ready for knitting and weaving. 

The Andean people have a rich knowledge of the use of these plants. Not only for coloring cloth, but also for use as medicine.

Here we go… Our first 100% sustainable Baby-Alpaca Sweater. Dyed with a flower directly out of the peruvian nature. And not from a lab!

Fotos Luna

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We are not only capable to convey our sweaters in the full color range of the peruvian nature, we can even proudly offer a 100% sustainably product


That’s worth the effort. Thanks!

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