Our Knitter – Wilbert

Knitting is for woman…?

…at least, that's what we believed so far. Until we meet our knitter Wilbert. He's a real pro at knitting. Incredibly fast and clever.

On the outskirts of Cusco near the Cristo Blanco he has set up a small „studio“, in a room of his apartment. Here you can find meter-high wool bobbins, half-finished knitted ponchos and everything else that has to do with wool.

And Wilbert sits in the middle with his 2 employees. He hasn't let anyone else touch our exclusive wool yet.

It is extremely rare to order 100% pure wool knitting products without acrylic additives. Wilbert is extremely patient and has always a smile on his face.He definitely works with us at eye level. He's a single dad with a 10-year-old daughter and he also has a big heart and let’s his co-worker bring his 3 year old handicapped son to work.

Through many common ideas, hours of knitting, trying out and discarding we were able to bring our first unisex sweaters to life. In 14 beautiful colors directly out of the nature.

Each of our sweater is unique and connects you with Latin America‘s colors, traditions, and vibrant lifestyle .

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